Fado in Lisbon!




Great songs of Fado music constantly echo throughout the narrow streets of Bairro Alto, and many good restaurants are visited in this special part of Lisbon, but it is very difficult to find such an excellent blend of both characteristics as in Retiro dos Sentidos.
Here, your visit is welcomed as the first of many, increasing customer loyalty with a warm atmosphere, ensuring pure comfort.
Here, you can enjoy delicious appetizers, such as the farinheira with scrambled eggs or the rabbit with coriander. However, if you choose the cheese and ham board along with the clams, your decision will still be right and balanced.
In the main dishes, especially for Fish, a special emphasis is placed on cod and octopus, since both are prepared in various but always exceptional ways.
As for the Meat, the alheira with potatoes and the ribs are not to be missed. And how about the lamb and the house-style steak?
The problem will always be in the choosing, since every option is delicious.
But for your meal to satisfy you perfectly, every day we offer incredible Fado nights, where the artists interact closely with the guests, making for a unique atmosphere.
This place is just that, as pleasant as it is relaxing. So, experience it yourself, make your reservation now, turn off your cognitive side and liberate your Senses... at the Retiro!

An experience to remember forever!



50 seats (12 in the alfresco seating)


20€ per person


Debit card


Fado shows every night.

Menu and speciality dishes
Fado Nights